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How much would your website benefit from a 16% lift in customer conversion?

mandag den 26. marts 2018
Case Study-Revel

Over a year ago, we published this Revel Systems case study, showing you how using Trustboxes on their site led to a 16% increase in conversions. In this case study follow-up, we checked in with Revel Systems and Sarah McCoy, Customer Advocacy Manager, to see how they've been enjoying working with Trustpilot and how they've taken advantage of our new features and products.

Revel Systems knows the value of online reviews in the buyer/purchase cycle. As Sarah McCoy explained "You can have the best Sales Reps with extensive knowledge and a great product, but buyers want to do their own research and hear from their peers before purchasing anything." She points to the rise of reviews on major platforms such as Amazon and Yelp as contributing to the new model of 'research before you buy' so by proactively collecting reviews, Revel Systems is able to show potential customers what they can expect.

Wanting to collect reviews in a way that didn't interfere much with the customer experience, they chose Trustpilot because they could automate their invitation process and leverage the strength of a trusted third-party. This allowed Revel to increase the number of reviews they had without bombarding customers with additional invitation emails. As Sarah explains:

"Trustpilot is super easy to use and is the most robust review platform that I have come across. There are great software review sites out there, but most of them are still playing catch up with Trustpilot."

Fortunately, at the time of this writing, Revel is enjoying a great 4/5 star rating on Trustpilot and is appreciative of the great reviews and useful feedback customers leave on their Trustpilot page.

Taking advantage of new Trustpilot features

A year after working with Trustpilot, Revel was ready to take advantage of some of Trustpilot's new features. The Automatic Feedback Service (AFS), which works with Salesforce to automatically invite customers to leave a review was an especially helpful service for Revel. Sarah explains how AFS has made a big impact on Revel Systems:

"AFS is super simple to set up and is basically a "set it and forget it" feature that we have zero regrets implementing. We've seen a big increase in the number of reviews we're getting using AFS, as well as important feedback from our customers that we share with our executive team to inform our product roadmap and improve customer service."

Another helpful tool has been the Image Generator, which allows companies to pair their best reviews with beautiful imagery and post them on social media. Revel has gone one step further and used the tool to bolster their email marketing, improving customer engagement and raising the quality of their marketing.

Revel Systems is always keeping an eye open for new ways to use Trustpilot and our Customer Success Team is constantly checking in and ensuring they not only know about new features but also know how to implement them and use them to the best of their potential. By communication the benefits and ease of use of our new features, Revel is able to quickly try new tactics in order to improve engagement, leverage social proof, and increase their customer base.

Increasing conversions with on-site reviews

Revel Systems experienced a major revenue boost by increasing their conversion rate with Trustpilot’s new TrustBox Optimizer in beta tests of the product.

By allowing prospective customers to use a pull-down bar to view several different customer reviews, the Revel Systems team was able to increase conversions by a whopping 16%.

What would a 16% increase in conversions mean to your team?

We spoke with Sarah McCoy, Customer Advocacy Manager at Revel Systems, to get the details of their experience testing the TrustBox Optimizer.

What motivated you to test and optimize TrustBoxes on your site?

Sarah McCoy: Trustpilot and Ben Revel Systems’ Success Manager did! We are always open to trying new strategies that might increase engagement with our customer reviews.

Where on your website did you choose to test your TrustBox? Why?

Sarah McCoy: Just below our Hero Image on our Homepage - we want our 4-star rating to be front and center and close to our call to action CTA.

How easy or difficult was it to set up the Trustbox Optimizer?

It was a cinch! Our developer had an easy time communicating with the Trustpilot team and they were always available to answer our questions.

Would you consider your experience using the TrustBox Optimizer to be a success?

Certainly - it's great to see the difference with the A/B test - we saw a 16% higher conversion rate with the TrustBox on our site.

How do reviews help your business?

The increase in conversion rate really proves that our potential customers care about what our existing customers have to say about Revel. Online reviews are a huge part of the purchase cycle. Every business gets the occasional negative review, but having online reviews is immensely helpful because customers want to know more about your business without having to do a ton of laborious research. Most importantly, your customers want to hear from their peers about their experience with your product.

Trustpilot has been instrumental in improving our online reputation because the platform is so easy to use. With Trustpilot, you provide your customers with an opportunity to share their experience, but it is automated through their platform. Because your customers are invited through a third-party, they are much more likely to respond versus a business going through the very manual (and often obnoxious) process of begging their customers to spread the word. Trustpilot is definitely ahead of the game in the product-review-site space.

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Sarah responds to one of their users’ reviews on

Have you found any insights from your reviews, perhaps issues about your company you might not otherwise catch?

Laughs At this point, I know what our issues are. If anything, when a review references an issue it gives you a real voice to share with leadership - to say, ‘hey guys, blank product doesn’t really work how the customers want it to work.’

Do you use any other review platforms?

We also use NPS Net Promoter Score, although I don’t directly oversee it. We get similar types of feedback in both arenas. I just think ultimately the more avenues you can give your customers to tell you what they think about your product, the better. I think we need both - not one or the other. You never know who you’re going to reach that might prefer to write a review publically or prefer to do it privately.

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Revel Systems achieves the Google Seller Rating extension (the orange stars) through their Trustpilot partnership

What are your next steps with Trustpilot and the TrustBox Optimizer?

We’ll definitely be continuing our A/B tests. We’re considering testing our current TrustBox, the Drop-Down, which just features our 4 and 5-star reviews, against another TrustBox which would include a few negative reviews, to see if that adds authenticity.