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How to use user-generated content marketing to reach and convert millennials

Thursday, April 12, 2018
customer experience management

Brands can no longer ignore millennials.

Millennials, also known as Generation Y, are the demographic cohort that follows Generation X. Millennials - born between the early 1980s and the early 2000s - are the largest living generation and buy more than any other groups of people.

Why’s that?

Millennials grew up with technology - the internet, social media, smartphones. And today, they spend, on average, 18 hours per day with media, and over 71% of them check social networking sites at least once a day.

For this reason, they don’t respond to traditional media like any other groups of individuals, and they trust and produce user-generated content (UGC) more than anyone else. Millennials are also the biggest content drivers, contributing to over 70% of all UGC.

User-generated content marketing describes marketing through any form of content such as video, photos, discussions, blogs, reviews, and discussions created by customers and publicly available to other consumers.

Millennials trust UGC 50% more than original branded content, which is why user-generated content also has a major impact on millennial spending, with 84% of individuals claiming that they use UGC to make purchasing decisions. For this reason, savvy companies whose audience are millennial consumers have started encouraging the creation and promotion of user-generated content on their marketing channels.

If you’re not leveraging UGC as much as you'd like, here are a few simple ways to incorporate it into your marketing effectively.

Creating an engaging user journey

Creating a perfect and seamless customer experience that carries millennials through a purchase from the very beginning is what every company aspires to. But not many businesses know how to achieve this successfully.

The key to a successful customer journey is knowing how to implement trust throughout the different stage of the process. UGC encourages millennials to learn more about your business, your product, or your service, and understand how your customers feel about you in a trusted way.

Instead of using stock photos, why not incorporate photos of your existing customers using your products? Or maybe you want to show how consumers have enjoyed your products via reviews. Placing user-generated content on key pages of your website can significantly improve your marketing performance. Leveraging UGC at key selling points can also decrease cart abandonment rates.


Life’s Abundance includes customer reviews on product pages to reduce cart abandonment rate and obtain rich snippets on search results.

Not sure what to share? User-generated content can be anything from customers’ pictures, to videos, testimonials, or online reviews. These really encourage millennial consumers to continue their purchase journey with your brand and stop searching online.

UGC also lets you take advantage of social media platforms, where the majority of your presence can come from customers.


Every GoPro customer has the potential to become a content creator. GoPro only shares customers’ photos on its social platforms.

With 65% of millennials admitting that they evaluate information that is shared on social media before buying, you wouldn’t want to miss out, would you?

Remember - your customers are your best marketers!

Our tip - encourage your customers to share more, you might be surprised at just how much people like to share!

Leveraging UGC in-store Placing user-generated content in-store can be the last push a millennial consumer needs before purchasing from your brand.

In this blog post, we covered how incorporating technology in-store as part of an omnichannel strategy could significantly improve your marketing performance and sales.

In-store technology is now being used more frequently, and adding screens in-store in order to share you existing customers’ content can encourage purchases. Why?

Because millennials love third-party validation.

They want a fully integrated social experience, where they’re able to find any information they need - quickly and efficiently. Displaying UGC and encouraging your customers to interact with the brand both in-store and online can not only boost engagement, but also customer loyalty.

Allowing your customers to tell your story

Letting millennial customers share their stories helps them connect with your business and your community.

Having UGC will also allow you to engage with your happy and satisfied customers to promote their experiences and build trusted relationships with your new customers.

Allowing your customers to tell your brand story will also improve loyalty, and grow sales. Remember - your customers’ stamp of approval means a lot more than your self-proclaimed excellence from a millennial’s point of view!

It’s time to start promoting your user-generated content. Want to learn more about how Trustpilot can help you leverage UGC with customer reviews?

Request a demo below.


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