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Connecting leaders in pursuit of better experiences

Represent your business as a leader in building trust and creating better experiences. Get exposure to a wider audience and promote your business alongside Trustpilot.

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Our mission

Trustpilot believes that customer relationships are the bedrock of any business and you are our most powerful voice. Trust Ambassadors aims to involve our most passionate customers in exclusive brand initiatives that will give our members valuable exposure, inspire others to build trust, and share insights to help us strengthen our product.

Our relationship will be based on open discussions and close collaboration. We aim to elevate your brand and profile through exposure to a unique and wider audience. We provide a platform for your business to demonstrate industry leadership alongside Trustpilot.

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Get the most from your contribution

GAIN exposure to our global network of over 200K businesses and amplify your brand’s visibility.

PARTICIPATE in knowledge sharing, networking and public speaking at events.

CONTRIBUTE to some of Trustpilot's most important global marketing

SHARE your brand's success story with our audience.

INTERACT with Trustpilot consumers through social media events, public speaking and speed networking.

FEATURE in key blog posts, reports, and webinars.

Collaborate with us on exciting activities

Success stories & testimonials

We invite you to share your story across marketing initiatives, blog posts and reports.

Speaking opportunities

We encourage you to voice your experience in events and webinars.

Champion Chats

We connect Ambassadors like you with prospective buyers to exchange knowledge and talk about Trustpilot.

Feedback sessions

We connect our Ambassadors with our Product & UX Managers to share feedback and insights on user experience.

Referral program

We reward advocates for recommending Trustpilot to their network.

Networking and events

We organize face-to-face & virtual meetups between Ambassadors, customers and Trustpilot leaders.

Unlock badges and earn points for merchandise

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Earn Trust Ambassador badges when completing activities with us to share across your professional and social pages.

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Gifts & Apparel

Get Trust Ambassador gifts and apparel along your journey to show off your collaboration with Trustpilot.

Earn exclusive access

to new and experimental marketing initiatives

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Ad creatives for your business

Free marketing consultations and ad creatives for your business.

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Packaging stickers

Free packaging stickers with QR codes to collect customer reviews.

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