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Based on global data from the top 100 viewed Money & Insurance companies listed on Trustpilot. From May 23 2020 to August 21 2020, compared to the previous 90-day period.

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UK's largest life insurance broker uses Trustpilot reviews

Reassured is one of the UK’s largest life insurance broker specialising in arranging life insurance to families across the UK. Read the report to learn:

  • How the Trustpilot star rating is used on their website to demonstrate high levels of service
  • How their TrustScore is leveraged by their HR team when looking to recruit
  • Why Trustpilot scores are monitored individually per sales agent and further training is provided for those who receive anything but 5 stars.
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Insurance industry page - Report - Reassured

How Staysure uses the power of AI to build customer trust

The trust Staysure has established with their customers using Trustpilot is reflected in over 30,000 five-star reviews, more than any other travel insurance provider. Find out:

  • How their 'worth doing right' ethos has driven Staysure to establish long-lasting relationships with its 3m policyholders.
  • Why they’ve chosen to use AI to help analyse reviews and understand customer needs.
  • How the team is pulling data-driven reports from Trustpilot's tools to identify the most common customer complaints, and then prioritise new solutions.
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Insurance industry page - Report - Reassured

All Clear Travel Insurance

"The credibility of customer reviews was the biggest reason for using Trustpilot. To have other people independently verify how great you are is really humbling. It’s important to our customers to see that people similar to them have used our service - it can be an inspiration for others travelling with medical conditions."

Letitia Smith, Marketing Manager


"We are already finding value in the Review Insights data to shape subject matter for workshops. Topics from Trustpilot are taken to the table and discussed which lead into an open and collaboration session where suggestions and ideas come to life."

Ellie Newstead, Customer Experience Analyst

Caspian Insurance

"Trust plays a key role in insurance, people don’t just purchase a product, they take out a policy for peace of mind. They will be providing sensitive information whilst relying on the company to ensure that their policy is valid and pays out."

Amanda Galliers, Head of Marketing


"We listen to our customers and receive regular feedback through our review platform. Using the tagging functionality and automation makes it easier to communicate and assign outreach/resolution tasks to our customer service teams and respond quickly."

Dave Annesley, Head of Marketing, Media and Sponsorships

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Insurance industry page - AllClear case studyAllClear Travel

All Clear Travel achieved 1,800+ reviews and a Trustscore of 9.2 by actively showcasing customer reviews on their website, allowing other customers to see people with similar medical conditions to them using the service. Find out how.

Insurance Industry page - Cykelpartner Google Seller Ratings case studyGoogle Seller Ratings on Adwords perform better than ever

In this case study, we dive into Google Ads’ Seller Ratings, a Google extension which awards your text ads with a star rating, drawing attention to your ads. This leads to an increase in their performance and helps build trust earlier in the funnel. Read more here.

Insurance Industry page - Blue Insurance case study 2Blue Insurance

See how Blue Insurance upped their click through rates by 18% and conversion rates by 24% by using Trustpilot to boost customer engagement through their social media channels. Read their story.

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