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Optimizing your customer journey, from SEO to CRO

Monday, March 19, 2018
Optimizing customer journey from SEO to CRO

Businesses need to put themselves in their customers’ shoes more often to understand how to better serve them.

This is best exemplified in customer service, where companies should be meeting (and exceeding) expectations to keep retention high. However, this line of thinking is also true when it comes to the customer journey.

The customer journey is increasingly impacted by search and mobile. Over 81% of eCommerce shoppers research online before making a big purchase and mobile traffic surpassed desktop traffic for the first time during Q4 2016. Because of these new consumer-driven trends, Google’s search algorithm updates have shifted to benefit companies who are optimizing their sites accordingly.

However, with this move towards mobile, the challenge of converting consumers has also increased. Over Q4 2016, mobile conversion rates increased slightly to 1.55%, a paltry number compared to desktop’s much higher 4.14% conversion rate. This means companies need to optimize for mobile conversions even more than desktop conversions.

Fortunately, Trustpilot and EliteSEM have partnered up to bring you a webinar based on the newest SEO updates you need to be aware of, optimizing your site, optimizing your landing pages, and updating your search strategy to ensure you’re aligned with consumer behavior.

Check out the webinar recording below!

From Search to Purch(ase): Closing customers quickly


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